Tattoos are visualised thoughts, emotions, memories engraved on skin.

about us

“Every moment all of us are living and dying at the same time. The choices we made differ who we are as an individual. The word “psychopomp” means a being existing between the unconscious and conscious realms, I think it’s the spiritual stage we’re in in daily life.” -Anubis Lok

Psychopomp Tattoo was found in 2019 by Anubis Lok, with the vision of sharing artistic innovation and the passion behind tattooing in the tattoo community in Hong Kong. Soon she gathered several young bloods who share the same value.

Our artists focus a lot on the communication and connection with our clients, since we believe a tattoo is far more than a decoration on skin, it is also a visual journal of one’s personal memories and experiences. Given the trust from our clients, we are committed to perform the best we can, to present their stories in the form of tattoos.

what we OFFER

Every piece of tattoo is unique, the story behind can be very personal. That is why we focus on making customised tattoos. We welcome you to share your ideas and stories with us, then we can visualise your thoughts with the best design.

If you haven’t decide what to tattoo yet, the previous work by our artists may give you some inspirations!